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As promised, please find attached photos of my completed fencing. I hope you agree that it looks extremely effective and my wife and I are very pleased with the result.

Thank you so much for your advice and assistance and I would certainly recommend your products to anyone who is thinking of using UPVC fencing.

Kid regards

Roy Hearsey


Ranch Fence InstallationWe will use 3-Rail Ranch for demonstration purposes.

Before installing any style of fence you must always:

Check with local ordinances on rules and regulations before building fences in your area
Before any digging is done contact the local utility companies to identify any buries lines, cable, pipelines etc

  1. Lay out fence line (for example see detail 1)
  2. Consider the gate location (if gate is not used go to step 5) Positioning of the gate should be a starting point in the layout. You want to position the gate so the fence section will be used to its optimum thereby minimizing adjustments. Do not build gate section first. The layout needs to be considered at this point.
  3. Dig all post holes 30” deep 12” wide, along the fence line at 8’ centers. We suggest in an area where ground freezes, putting post at least 36” in the ground.
  4. Place all post in holes leaning them to one side of the hole.
  5. When setting first post, use post level and fill hole woth approximately 12” of small limestone or gravel around post. The hole will be topped off with cement in a later step so do not fill with just dirt ( see detail 3)

    • We suggest building a measuring board (see detail 2) to aid in positioning the 5” post. Using the measuring board, position the next post and fill around base as described in step 7. Continue down the fence repeating the procedure.
  6. Place a string over the top of all posts after the posts are positioned. This will be used to keep the post heights all the same, making adjustments in the height of string to follow the contour of the land and still keeping the 5” post height (see detail 3)
  7. Pour cement into hole within 6” of grade level. Fill remainder of hole with fine dirt covering cement mix (see detail 3)

    • Recheck to make sure posts are all plumb and straight in line. Make any adjustments needed before posts are set
  8. After the cement around the posts has cured tabb the 16’ rails using the special notching tool (detail 4). Having both ends of the rails notched slide one into the top and bottom routs on the posts (detail 5) cut one 16’ rail in half and insert in the middle pre-routed hole to create the staggered joints as shown in Detail 6.The other 8’ rail piece will be used on the opposite end of the fence. Continue down the fence with the staggered joints to the end.


Ranch InstallationCheck to make sure you have all parts to assemble gate. Outdoor technologies does not recommend a ranch gate wider than 10’
NOTE in your box you should have the following parts (detail 7) 4’ or or narrow ranch gates do not have a middle stile or cap.

  • Stile caps (2) narrow (3) wide
  • 5” square end stile (2)
  • Braces (v-channel) (2) narrow (4) wide
  • Hinges (2)*
  • 1 ½” x ¾” U-Channel (2) wide only
  • One can of vinyl glue
  • 5” Square Middle Stile (1) (wide only)
  • Latch (1)*
  • All Hardware

Using a pencil mark all ends of rails 43/4” from each end. This is done to check that rails are fully inserted into gate buckets when they are assembled. Apply glue to inside of gate buckets on one end stile. Insert pre-cut rails into the glued buckets on the end stile making sure they are inserted to the pre-measured mark on rails. Next, slide middle stiles to the centers of the rails. Apply glue on the other end stile gate buckets and insert the rails to the pre-measured mark. Measure the center of the gate and position middles stile over center mark. Apply glue on top rail inside center stile and insert u-channel over rail inside the middle stile. Drill a 1/8” pilot hole through u-channel and real and fasten together with screw. Flip gate and repeat these steps on opposite end of middle stile.

Layout and measure supplied v-channel crossbars, marking them for cutting, Drill all necessary holes and fasten with supplied screws, washers and screw caps. Glue in stile caps on top of gate stiles.

Align gate with the fence using blocks to lift and hold the gate. Make sure there is a 11/2” gap on each side of the gate for clearance. Mark post and stiles for drilling to attach the hinges, latch and latch bar. Hinges should be positioned so at least one bolt goes through the gate bucket of the top and bottom rail. Drill all the way through pre-marked holes on stiles and post. Fasten with 5/16” x 51/2” bolts and nuts provided DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN NUTS TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO POSTS (detail 8)

GATEPOSTS MUST BE FILLED WITH CEMENT AFTER HARDWARE HAS BEEN ATTACHED. Insert two pieces of ½” rebar the length of the post is opposite corners (see detail9) with top of rebar 2” from the top of the post. Using a funnel, fill gatepost with cement completely covering the rebar. Concrete should be within 1-1/2” of top of gatepost. The gate must be blocked up or removed until the gatepost has set for 24 hours.

Glue all gateposts in place and wipe away any excess glue off material (see detail 10) The fence may be cleaned wit a mild biodegradable soap to finish installation..


The vinyl / plastic fencing that is maintenance free with a lifetime warranty, designed for your peace of mind.LIFETIME FENCING LIMITED

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